Contraceptives – Birth Control

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There are numerous constituents that come into action when a specific method for birth control is being determined. Amongst them the main determining factors are the maturity level of the individual and the number of times the sexual act is expected to be performed. All these factors lead to the choice between several contraceptives that are available in the market and have stood the test of time. Some of the most popular ones have been stated in a few words in the following paragraphs.

Amongst the contraceptives the foremost that comes to mind is the birth control pill. It is made up of estrogen and progestin combined or individually of progestin. They have their share of side effects. Smokers are suggested against it owing to an amplified heart disease risk. Further prolonged use can result in obesity, sickness, irregular flow of blood, and gloominess.

Another method that is used for avoiding becoming pregnant at times progestin are injected. It is considered to be a successful and helpful method since it does not take much; the only compulsion is a trip to the health care provider four times in a year for the respective injection. The possible side effects are the same as the pills made up of the same ingredient.

Other than that the diaphragms’ are also quite acceptable and effectual. They are classified according to individual sizes for ensuring a proper fit. It can be worn for six hours continuously without any risks, however leaving them on for more than a day may lead to the threat of toxicity. A cervical cap can also be classified as its kind. It too is sized in order to ensure a proper fitting. It provides protection for two days but is advised not to be worn for that long owing to the production of a stinking smell and a reeking discharge.

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